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Ashen Empires and Dransik News Update
16 October 2021

Ashen Empires and Dransik are two projects that Iron Will Games is still actively working on!

Ashen Empires

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Ashen Empires' Tides of Fate Expansion Pre-order now available!
16 October 2008

The long-awaited Tides of Fate expansion for Ashen Empires is now available to purchase as a pre-order for 300 tokens! You can purchase the pre-order on the website as the Tides of Fate Pre-order, or as part of the All Expansions bundle.

When the expansion is released, players that purchased the pre-order will receive an exclusive boat, called the Sloop. After the pre-order this boat will never be available again!

The Sloop

With Tides of Fate, you'll be able to sail through pirate infested waters, explore new jungle lands, venture into the new dungeons, and train up powerful feats.

Factions Phase II Update for Ashen Empires
14 August 2008

On Monday Aug 18 at 10:30am CST we'll be taking down both Heroes and Legends for an update that will add Faction dungeons on both servers and PVP Zones on Heroes.

Once the servers are back up we'll post patch notes on the forums.

Ashen Empires: Veldan Update Released
4 June 2008

Today the Veldan Update for Ashen Empires was released to the live servers. After about 2 weeks of testing, we were able to hammer out a huge number of bugs. Thanks to everyone who was able to help out during that time!

The update has brought tons of free content and new quests. Here's a short list of what's going in:
  • Faction System & Town Sieges on H
  • Changes to PVP Rules
  • New art for grass, trees, and dirt
  • PVP Island
  • New starting area quests & content
  • The return of the taskmasters
  • 576 bug fixes
  • New Racial bonuses
  • New craftable gear
  • Bronze Status adjustment
Details provided on the forums as well as the web.

Ashen Empires and Dransik to be distributed through Pixel Mine Games
31 March 2008

As of March 31, 2008, Ashen Empires and Dransik Classic will be distributed through the Pixel Mine Portal. Expect to see many familiar faces at Pixel Mine (and hopefully some new faces in the IWG community!).

What exactly is changing? Ashen Empires and Dransik Classic are still owned and maintained by Iron Will Games, however, the following areas will now be managed by Pixel Mine, Inc:
  • Launcher
  • Forums
  • Secure Site
If you are a returning customer, please visit this page to see how to switch to the new launcher, forums, and secure site.

Iron Will Games partners with Manifesto Games
14 March 2007

Iron Will Games and Manifesto Games, a leading digital-download entertainment reseller, have partnered to distribute the Iron Will Games titles, Ashen Empires and Dransik.

Read all about it on the Manifesto Games site!

Manifesto Games, Inc., is an ecommerce retailer of downloadable computer games for PCs, Macintosh computers, and Linux machines, specializing in independently developed games aimed at core gamers. It was founded in October 2006 by industry veterans Greg Costikyan and Dr. Johnny L. Wilson, and is headquartered in New York City.

Iron Will Games founders speak at the Austin Game Conference
07 September 2006

Two of the Iron Will Games founders, Bill Money and David Reese, spoke yesterday at the Austin Game Conference of the 'Joy and Pain of Running Your Very Own MMO'. The talk was attended by over 200 independent MMO-development enthusiasts and was very well received.

Iron Will Games takes over local hotspot for some Ashen Empires action!
29 November 2005

Iron Will Games crew invaded Austin's hottest 6th street hangout, Little Woodrow's for some ice cold beer and good times! The staff even got in on some Ashen Empires fun!

Click HERE to see more shots of the event (and the girls)!

Bill Money talks to Game Cloud about the new Xbox 360
21 November 2005

"I really like the fact that Microsoft understands their market. The 360 is a machine that can play movies, video, music or games equally well. It has the ability to be the center piece of an AV freaks system but also works in a dorm."

Read the complete article here:

Iron Will's own Denis Loubet talks to The Escapist about his time at Origin and the acquisition of that company by Electronic Arts
13 October 2005

"Before [the purchase], the desire to keep Origin afloat did much to keep politics on the back burner. But afterwards, survival transformed into a competition at the feeding trough. As production groups became more insular, Origin fractured. That was the death of any 'Origin Culture.' It didn't help that each production head was a dictator over his team, yet each had to brown-nose EA for funding."

Read the complete article here:

Bill Money's interview with GameCloud about Talazar's Revenge
20 September 2005

"We are about to release our first expansion pack, Talazar's Revenge. In the fiction of Ashen Empires, Talazar is a powerful god whose goal was to spread evil and chaos throughout the land before he was finally banished to the other side of the world. In this expansion, Talazar is plotting his return and all hell is breaking loose."

Read the full interview here:

Iron Will Games announces the release of the Demon Spire update for Ashen Empires
15 September 2005

Iron Will Games releases the Demon Spire update for Ashen Empires! Demon Spire allows new users to play for FREE! Download your copy today to try it out.


Read about the expansion on the Ashen Empires web site.

Official Press Release Announcing Partnership Between Iron Will Games and Pixel Mine Productions
2 February 2005

Iron Will Games and Pixel Mine Productions have teamed up to develop the first Ashen Empires expansion pack, Talazar's Revenge.


Open Letter from the Iron Will Games Team about the future of Ashen Empires
31 January 2005

A new selection of message boards has been brought online. Click here to read and post about Ashen Empires on the new forums.

New Ashen Empires Forums Online
16 January 2005

A new selection of message boards has been brought online. Click here to read and post about Ashen Empires on the new forums.

Iron Will Games Announces Pricing For Ashen Empires
13 January 2005

Beginning Monday January 17th, 2005, new pricing plans will be in effect for the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG), Ashen Empires.

Subscription Pricing Details
Players of Ashen Empires will be able to continue playing under one of four different subscription plans. The month-to-month plan will cost $8.95 USD, the three-month plan will cost $25.95 USD, the six-month plan will cost $49.95 USD and the one year subscription plan will cost $98.95 USD.

Ashen Empires subscription fees can be paid by major credit card, PayPal, checks, money orders, bank transfers and a variety of other methods. Gift Certificates will also be available.


Iron Will Games Donation Page Goes Live
24 December 2004

Due to popular demand, we have established a donations page. Read about the Ashen Empires user push for a donations page here. All donations will be used for the betterment of the Ashen Empires online game.

We have also added a quick and easy way to make a PayPal donation in the navigation bar at the top of each page.


HomeLAN Interviews Bill Money of Iron Will Games
6 December 2004

HomeLAN - Now that the team has control of Ashen Empires, what immediate plans do you have for the game itself?

Bill Money - Once the server move and consolidation is complete we will release an update that had been in the works for 2-3 months before the TKO Austin studio was closed. That update includes a new character paper-dolling and inventory system and many new quests and dungeons.


Iron Will Games acquires Ashen Empires game service!
1 December 2004

In the coming days, Iron Will Games will take over operation of the Ashen Empires online game service. Iron Will Games looks forward to working with the community to continue to grow and improve the game.

Doug Gesler, co-founder of Iron Will Games, remarked "We are passionate about Ashen Empires. And given that our entire team once worked on the title’s original release, we are excited about growing the game, its world, and the on-line community moving forward."


Iron Will Games is founded!
11 November 2004

Iron Will Games (IWG) is a new independent game studio in Austin, Texas. The founders of IWG have helped create some of the most popular game titles in the history of computer and video games.

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